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Parenting an Anxious Child


Parenting a child who is going through a stage of being anxious, or worrying a lot can be EXHAUSTING! (Believe us we know!) 

It can sometimes be a fine line between helping sooth them, and feeding their anxieties (Again believe us we know we've done both!)

When we get exhausted as parents, this is often when we may feed rather than sooth, as our emotions, worries and fears may also increase and so we project these outwardly...

One of the simple ways of managing this, is understanding more about anxiety and worries, as this will start to reduce those worries instantly!

And that's where we can support you!

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The LEAVE Approach is an easy to follow strategy to help build self esteem in your children at times when they can be overwhelmed.

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What's included?

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Jacci Jones and Sarie Taylor
Jacci Jones and Sarie Taylor
Founders of Parent Plus

About the instructors

Jacci Jones is a qualified psychotherapist who trained in Transactional Analysis at the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy. Jacci gained her 7307 Teaching Certificate in 1996 and tutored for Stafford College. Jacci has facilitated training in various establishments for Foster carers, Social Services, Teachers and other Therapists via conferences and training programmes. Jacci was a foster carer for 12 years mainly fostering teenage boys which lead her to train as a psychotherapist, she now runs a successful private practice as well as being co founder of Parent-Plus.

Sarie runs a thriving private practise as a psychotherapist and coach. Sarie has completed a 4 year diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy, which forms the therapeutic basis of her practise. Sarie also has experience in running Cognitive Behavioural Therapy groups, within the Criminal Justice Service for a number of years. Sarie has worked in a specialist unit, using Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, with young adults who have Borderline Personality Disorders. Sarie is the co founder, therapist and coach at Parent Plus, and has created and delivered a large number of training events in both the public and private sector, covering a wide range of therapeutic topics. 


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