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Parenting: An absolute rollercoaster of HIGHS & LOWS, that can regularly leave us feeling like we are going crazy!

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  • Do you worry about your child's behaviour? Maybe they are aggressive or maybe they are overly shy and clingy?
  • Do you worry about saying the wrong thing and making them 'worse'?
  • Do you wonder whether they are anxious and if there is anything you can do to help them?
  • Do you feel isolated at times as a parent?
  • Do you worry that you have passed things on to your child that you wish you hadn't?
  • Do you wish you could help your child feel more confident, increasing their self esteem?

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Do you have a child between the age of 3 and 16 years?

Do you go from feeling like parenting is an amazing privilege, to then feeling overwhelmed and guilty because it feels so difficult at times?

This Academy IS for you if...

  •  You want to be supported daily by two psychotherapists, as well as other like minded parents with any issues that arise!
  •  You want to Improve relationships with your children as well as with others at home or at work
  •  You would like to understand more about how you can help & support your children to deal with their life stresses
  •  You want to manage your own stress levels, become a calmer parent!
  •  You want easy to follow techniques to build self esteem in your home! 
  •  You need new ways of managing behaviour amongst other things!
  •  You want a safe and confidential place to work through any changes you want to make! 

The Academy IS NOT for you if...

  • If you expect to make big changes overnight!  For real authentic and long lasting change to occur, it's about NOT changing EVERYTHING all at once. 
  • If you do not want to have to work at the change, and be proactive with what you learn! We do NOT have a magic wand, we CAN give you the information, but you need to put it into practise! 
  • If you are NOT willing to look at how YOU 'co-create' the relationships you have with others! We need to be realistic about our own strengths and weaknesses
  • If you want to be surrounded by NEGATIVE people! We are here to get you where YOU want to be!

Are You Ready To Improve Your Relationship With Your Children & Become A Part Of A Community With Other Like Minded Parents?



  • You will be a member of a Private Facebook Group for Academy members ONLY! You can all support each other!
  •  You can also private message us if you prefer and we will respond to your specific questions within 24 hours.
  •  All the material that you have access to in the Academy is aimed at supporting a positive family environment.


  • Video's & workbooks on a variety of topics each month, such as; anxiety, stress, managing behaviour, improving relationships, separation and attachment.
  •  Live Q&A group sessions with therapists.


As we said above, we need you to be accountable so that you get the MOST out of this membership club!

We will give you a nudge when you go quiet and we will help you with direction depending on what you want to get out of the Academy BUT you need to use the support and work at making the changes and you WILL BE successful!

Jacci Jones and Sarie Taylor
Jacci Jones and Sarie Taylor
Founders of Parent Plus

About the instructors

Jacci Jones is a qualified psychotherapist who trained in Transactional Analysis at the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy. Jacci gained her 7307 Teaching Certificate in 1996 and tutored for Stafford College. Jacci has facilitated training in various establishments for Foster carers, Social Services, Teachers and other Therapists via conferences and training programmes. Jacci was a foster carer for 12 years mainly fostering teenage boys which lead her to train as a psychotherapist, she now runs a successful private practice as well as being co founder of Parent-Plus.

Sarie runs a thriving private practise as a psychotherapist and coach. Sarie has completed a 4 year diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy, which forms the therapeutic basis of her practise. Sarie also has experience in running Cognitive Behavioural Therapy groups, within the Criminal Justice Service for a number of years. Sarie has worked in a specialist unit, using Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, with young adults who have Borderline Personality Disorders. Sarie is the co founder, therapist and coach at Parent Plus, and has created and delivered a large number of training events in both the public and private sector, covering a wide range of therapeutic topics. 

Every month a new course is released to you once you become a member of the Academy. 


  • The Leave Approach
  • Mini Mindfulness course
  • Our Ebook on the LEAVE Approach
  • Parenting an Anxious Child

**We will be selling these courses seperately very soon with a combined cost of OVER £100**


  • Managing Behaviour


  • Overthinking


  • Becoming A Calmer Parent

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What's included?

13 Videos
7 Texts
9 PDFs
1 Download

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